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Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering how Getorders works? Do read these FAQs for more info.

About Getorders

Getorders is a web-based e-commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products.

You will need to provide the following to become a Getorders Merchant:

  • Copy of Identification Card (IC) (if applicable)
  • Copy of Business Document – SSM (if applicable)
  • Copy of Bank Account Statement Header

Yes, you can as long as you have the necessary documentation stated above in Question 2.

Getorders helps drive more traffic to your business, allowing you to expand your business into the online market.


Getorders also provides various features and conveniences to support your online business such as:

  • automated delivery service
  • online payment gateway
  • parcel / delivery service map tracker
  • cloud back-office
  • real-time reports & analytics
  • website & customer support team

No, because the online store is built within the domain of Getorders e-commerce platform.

However, you can purchase your own domain name and redirect the traffic to Getorders online store.

There are no sign up fees. Depending on the subscription plan, every sale made through your online store will be charged a flat rate transaction fee. The transaction fee may be as low as RM1 per transaction.

No. Getorders is entirely web-based. As long as you have an internet browser on your phone, you can easily activate Getorders.

With Getorders, your online store can be set up within 10 minutes.

Customers will make payments through BillPlz, our payment gateway partner. Payments to merchants will then be processed by Getorders within three days (transaction day + two days).

Getorders merchants are not required to find delivery riders. Getorders has partnered with several delivery service providers, including Lalamove, BungkusIT, and Mr Speedy. Getorders will automatically provide a delivery rider for you when you wish to deliver.

Getorders is currently available in every region all across Malaysia.

Getorders provides merchants with access to the cloud, a back office system for businesses to manage their online store. Merchants may view their business analytics such as the total customers, total revenue per week, most popular product, and so on through the cloud system.

It is not necessary. However, it would be advantageous for your business to provide similar pricing to those given to consumers through your other platforms.

For the basic plan subscribers, you can cancel at any time as it is not a monthly subscription plan.


For premium plan subscribers, you may choose to either continue subscribing or cancel your membership after your plan duration has expired.